We are humans so it’s not uncommon to want to give up once in awhile.
It doesn’t mean you are weak, it doesn’t mean you are lazy, it doesn’t mean you don’t desire progress.

It simply means you are done trying.

Before you throw in the towel, please, Hang on! Because life gives you the option to give up on your goals, doesn’t mean you should!

Try harder, encourage yourself. .

I understand that we are at the second half of the year and none of your new year goals have been achieved.

I know you have a long list of  dreams you want to achieve but you have no strength to fight for such dreams anymore.

I know you have tried searching for new/better jobs with no headway, you have tried entrepreneurship but got stuck because of unhealthy business environment, you have been on a grade since God  knows when, you want a raise/promotion at work but this seems far-fetched, you have been laid off work with no just cause, you have been writing  the same certification exams without success and list goes on and on and on..

I understand the frustrations, the disappointments, the uncertainties, the failures, the challenges, the struggles, the dashed hopes, the broken promises, the lost opportunities, the closed doors, the ‘No vacancy’, the ‘try-again-next-year’, the ‘we-got-a-better-candidate’, the ‘sorry-you-failed-the-exam’, and the list is endless..

Whatever your case is, try to evaluate your way of doing things and see if it can be done better. Try changing your approach and see if it will yield desired results.

Having done all these..

Ask God for strength, reach out for help, don’t give up, keep trying, it will be worth it.

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