Note to Leaders

Leadership is a call to serve others. It is a HUGE responsibility, meant for the matured and the fearless ones.

Leadership is a journey that you have to take others without betraying their trusts or leaving them stranded.

As a leader, most times people follow you without you deserving it. They just follow, looking up to you, trusting you…

📌to make the right decisions on their behalf.

📌to protect their interests.

📌to defend them in front of third parties and chastise or correct when it’s just the two of   you.

📌to look beyond their weaknesses and celebrate their strengths💪

Do not betray this undeserved TRUST!

Be firm when it’s necessary but show empathy when the situation demands it.

If you can; Drag, Pull, Push, Train, Build, Invest time and resources…Do not rest until your team is top-notch.

Cowards point fingers but great leaders take responsibilities without fear or favour!

Are you a coward or a great leader?

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