If you want to achieve your long term plan, you need to start planning your daily tasks effectively.

Some tasks or assignments are just distractions and do not require immediate attention.

It is therefore, important to have a daily to-do-list and to stick by it except in a case of emergency.

Most times because we don’t want to offend people we keep saying YES to every task thrown at us.

Remember, you can always say ‘YES’ to the person but ‘NO’ to the task.

And if it is self-interruption, learn to prioritize your to-do lists. Note down flash ideas and attend to it later.

Prevent interruptions and every element of distractions- switch off your ring alerts, have a set time to respond to emails, avoid attending to unscheduled (non-crucial) appointments etc.

If you want to achieve your goals at a set time, SPEND YOUR TIME WISELY.

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