There is greatness in everyone but some don’t even understand this because all they see is disappointments and failures and they think they can’t amount to anything in life.

They give excuses for every mistake.
They blame others for their failures.

They wish they are someone else.

Wish they are of a different nationality.

Wish they went to the best school.

Wish their parents are richer.

Wish a wealthy acquittance will help them.

Wish someone will notice them.

Wish they look different.

Wish they speak differently.

Wish they study a different course.

Wishing and wishing..never celebrating their uniqueness and strengths.

Look within…

There’s a seed of greatness in YOU.

Never underestimate yourself.

Do something with your dream/passion.

Develop yourself. Sharpen your skills.

Go for trainings! Get certified.

Read wide, Network more.

Look beyond NOW and see what the future holds.

If only YOU can see the greatness in YOU..

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