One of the secrets of productivity at work is knowing how and when to effectively delegate.

It saves time and resources.
It’s not only supervisors and line managers that can delegate.

Anyone can delegate tasks to colleagues or peers if only you know how to ask nicely and you are also ready to replicate such kind act when the need arises.

Don’t spend your time labouring over tasks that can be delegated while you concentrate on more strategic roles.

A lot of people have been disappointed when co-workers fail to perform tasks as expected.

An effective way of delegating.

📌Give timeline to each task delegated.
📌List all the deliverables and be explicit about expectations.
📌Support with necessary tools that will help in executing the tasks.
📌Check on progress at each major milestone.
📌Appreciate and commend good work.

Before you overwork yourself this week, remember you can always DELEGATE.

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