In my conversation with people, I realized that a lot of people are carrying burdens of hatred and baggage of unforgiveness.

People are hurting and some have lost hope and faith in humanity.
It just doesn’t make sense to keep fighting for relationship or friendship that is one-sided and unresponsive.
Some have lost their sleep, passion, dream, faith, hope, peace over past events.

How do you move on when you are hurting and hating? How do you achieve your dreams when there is no place in your heart 💓 for forgiveness?

I understand the pain is real and the scar is fresh.

But, how do you turn your dreams into reality when your energy is expended on past events and experience?

Let go of every hatred and unforgiveness.

Find your inner PEACE.

Don’t sacrifice your dreams or career for things that don’t matter.

A peaceful mind achieves more.

“And the peace of God which passes all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus- Phil 4:7(KJV)

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