‘Who CV Epp??’ Is a colloquial expression that means ‘who has benefited from writing or submitting CV for a job?’

A couple of days back, I saw a sponsored advert on Facebook on CV Writing and the responses from people were hilarious and thought-provoking.

Some of the comments are;

‘Forget CV, knowing someone is the real deal’

‘CV is overrated, I can get a job without CV’

‘I can’t waste my time writing CV when I can get a job without it’

‘Employers give jobs only to the people they know’

‘Who CV Epp??’ 

As much thought-provoking as these comments might seem, we can all relate with some of them and understand they are borne out of sheer disappointments and frustrations.

These are fall out from months and years of futile efforts in job hunting, applying for different jobs, submitting CV  without as little as an acknowledgement mail from recruiters let alone an invite for interview.

And when you are lucky enough to be invited for interview, the hiring company may decide to remain incommunicado afterwards and the cycle begins all over again.

This experience has made some job seekers lose faith in the fairness of getting a job through merit, without any strings attached.

But, does that mean we should forget about writing our CVs and making it competitive? Should we resign to fate and stop applying for jobs outrightly?

Or should we just sit by the phone waiting for a call from a distant uncle or aunt who has promised us a job since our first grade? Or better still, should we wait for acquittance with connections to help us get the job, notwithstanding the role or how long it takes?

Don’t get me wrong.

People get jobs through referrals or through an acquittance that knows someone who knows someone that can put in a good word for them and help them nail their dream jobs.

But common!

Let’s be truthful to ourselves, can we categorically say that everyone that is gainfully employed gets the job by knowing somebody or by having a contact in the company?? Nah!

If your job applications are not successful, then a lot of other factors could have been responsible and not necessarily because of a corrupt system or because you don’t have a contact that can help you.

When companies roll out their products and services, they engage in several go-to market strategies, running different promos and adverts, to get the product/services to trade partners and eventually to end consumer.

When a few potential customer refuses to patronize these services or products, the company will not close shop or stop marketing but will rather get consumer insight/feedback and work on their products to meet consumers’ needs.

Let’s bring it back home.

What are your CV ‘go-to market’ strategies? How do you intend to attract recruiters?

A gentle reminder; CV is still one of the first documents required by a potential employer. It is like a marketing tool that applicants use to showcase their fits for roles. It can also be likened to a statement of purpose or letter of intent showing potential employers the values the applicant can add to the organization, if hired.

Every employer wants to know what an applicant has to offer and if your CV can’t convince that you can do the job, why would they bother to call you for interview?

Therefore, if your CV is not giving you a chance at interview, why don’t you consider other factors that could be responsible…

Are you applying for roles you are qualified for? Are you just applying to every available vacancy? Do you meet the requirements of the jobs? Do you understand the application procedures and instructions?

Does your CV showcase your past accomplishments or is it just a list of your job responsibilities? Does your CV represent your present skills and does it effectively communicate your future potentials? Does your CV match the job requirements of the advertised position?

These are the questions that need sincere and honest response from every applicant.

Peradventure, you meet the job requirements and you are still not shortlisted for interview, please take your service (CV) elsewhere, until you find a willing employer that believes in your ability to add value to the organisation.

Don’t be deceived, people are getting jobs within and outside the country not because they have ‘an insider’ in the company but simply by submitting their CVs, scaling through application process and performing well during interview or by the recruiter finding them fit for the role.

Don’t just give up. Don’t blame it on the system. Get busy. Volunteer. Update your knowledge and skills. Add value to yourself. Add value to your current employer (if you have one).

However, if you are convinced that you cannot get a job without referrals, then sharpen your networking skills and relate more with people- attend seminars, workshops, symposiums, training and so on.

Or better still, work on your marketing tool-CV. So that, when you are eventually ‘referred for a job’ you can increase your chances of being hired by presenting a competitive CV.

We need to have a change of orientation and take responsibility for our career development.

If you need tips on how to make your CV attractive and competitive. Please check this article HOW COMPETITIVE IS YOUR CV?

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