Going for Job Interview Without Permission???

At some point in our lives we all want to move ahead, test some waters, take on new challenges, seek greener pastures for higher pay or benefits, explore other career paths, maximize opportunity for growth, work close to home, relocate to another city/country or for so many other reasons.

However, when the opportunity to interview comes we are faced with the dilemma of whether to ask or not to ask for permission, especially if we are still actively working.

Should I miss work without stating the obvious reason or just lie my way through??

Come to think of it….

How would you tell your colleagues without someone snitching on you? After all we are in this together.


How can you tell your boss you are going for an interview, without him freaking out?!?!

Anyway, you can tell your boss but….it all depends on the level of rapport you have with him.


But in a case where you report directly to the MD /CEO of the company, how would you ask without sounding like a traitor??

 Many employees have given different excuses

‘I feel sick and I’m on my way to the hospital’ [most common line]

‘I ate something that didn’t agree with my tummy’

‘I have an appointment with my dentist’

‘A close relative just died’

‘I need to attend my son’s open day’

Meanwhile, calling in sick has been misused, especially if you were healthy as a horse the previous day, every employer knows that it’s very likely that you have an interview to attend.

While some will give reasons for not coming to work some will just go AWOL or MIA.

We all know some of our colleagues that have perfected the disappearing act and they always, always, I mean always get away with it.

But for some of us that want to do the right thing and not come out as a blatant liar, how then do we ask for permission???…..

 ~Here are some tips ~

 #1 – If possible, take a 1 day leave out of your annual leave.

#2 – If interview venue is close by; go during your lunch hour.

#3 – Ask to be rescheduled to after working hours or weekend.

#4 – Opt for video interview, e.g; Skype.

#5 – Take permission to resume late or close early because you have personal errands to run or personal issues to attend to.

N.B: if you are given the permission, don’t play dress up -if it is unusual for you to put on a suit on a normal day, the day of the interview should not be an exception, you can always hold the suit in a non-conspicuous way.

#6 – It may not be necessary to ask for permission if your working hour is flexible.

And the extreme,

#7 – Ask for permission. In an ideal environment, your present employer can renegotiate your offer and increase your pay or benefits.

(Please and please only do this if you are VERY VERY valuable to the company or else…your employer will even ask if you need 2 days off to attend the interview. That’s because they will be glad to get rid of you).

 Some will be wondering why you have to keep it as top secret.

Hmmm…..”a bird in hand is worth more than a million in the bush”

Thread carefully you don’t know what the new employer has to offer or whether the terms of employment will be favourable or not. Therefore, it will be wise to keep it under wraps until you have accepted the offer and ready to resume.

 I have seen a case where an offer of employment was withdrawn by the new employer because of a breach in communication between HR department and the hiring department. The appointment letter was given to the wrong candidate!

 Please, don’t get ahead of yourself because of an interview, until you accept the offer of an intending employer, your loyalty is first to your current employer.