Many job postings and interview invites are fake, they are just ploy to lure applicants to part with their money and valuables.

A lot of people have had their share of receiving unsolicited job interview invite through text messages, e-mail, phone call and so on.

Many have ignored while some have taken the risk……

Quite a number of applicants have fallen prey of kidnappers, rapists and fraudsters just by honouring a supposed job interview.

I never knew how bad or rampant this was until about 2 years ago, I was recruiting for the role of Business Development Officer for a client in Education Management Industry. As usual, I reviewed all applicants’ CVs and shortlisted some for interview.

I remembered calling one of the applicants and after introducing myself, the company and the client I was recruiting for, the dude just asked me directly;

So, how much should I come with?

The question caught me off guard, I thought I heard wrong.

I said; Pardon???????????

Then he asked again; How much should I come with?

I told him that he doesn’t have to come with any money as that isn’t our model. Just come prepared for the interview and I gave him all necessary information.

I think there should be a way to identify these scammers and beat them to their games but over the years their modus operandi has evolved. It is getting difficult to differentiate between a real job and a fake job. Now, job scammers have valid websites, genuine e-mail addresses, well identified locations and also post job vacancies on popular online job boards.

The big question is ‘how do I identify a fake job posting or interview invite?

It’s so unfortunate that job scammers are getting creative day by day and have outgrown their known tactics.

Job Scam on Social Media

Fake job adverts are all over the social media and means of sending interview invite can be via SMS (text message), Phone call, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, E-mail, Messenger, Facebook etc.

Different methods for different social platform.

Job Scam on LinkedIn;

We are a leading recruiting agency for Oil & Gas firms across the Middle East and we are currently recruiting professionals into 30 different positions. If interested, please comment with your e-mail address. We will review your profile and get in touch with you.

Sadly, over 5,000 people will comment but none will be contacted.

Job Scam on Facebook;

Massive Graduate Recruitment in Nigeria. Please share widely to reach more people.


A top multinational organization in Nigeria is massively recruiting fresh graduates and job seekers for immediate employment. 300 positions available, apply right now!

Please do your due diligence before applying for such roles.

Job Scam on WhatsApp or BBM;

If you have anyone interested in a job at a call centre in a reputable bank. Kindly tell them to come tomorrow for an interview.

Requirement: BSc. Graduate

Salary: N80,000

Venue: Resource IL, Odeku VI.

Time: from 9am..also come with CV….thank you.

Kindly ask for Bose upon arrival.

Very Legitimate

#as received from a reliable source.

Pls rebroadcast

Note that the advert has no specific date for interview.

Job Scam via SMS

Invite for a role you never applied for /a company you have never heard of

  • You have been found suitable for a briefing on Monday 07/11/16 by 9am at AB House, 7890 Ikorodu rd. P67 by ABC Ltd’


  • We invite you for Enterprise Assessment by 10am on Tuesday 14/5/16 at 12, Sun Street, Off Ikorodu road. Palmgroove b/stop. Lagos. Visit our website.

Job Scam pasted on street walls

Daily workers needed.

Salary: N6,000 per day

Call this number….

Beware! Job scammers are all over preying on the desperation of unsuspecting applicants.

Victims of job scam

I spoke with candidates that have fallen victim of this job scam, here are their experiences;

~I heard that a recruitment agency was hiring for different companies so I went there to drop my CV. However, on getting to the venue, I met over 30 candidates and we were all told to sit for written test and oral interview. Afterwards, I learnt that I failed the written test but I was directed to drop my CV with the lady at the reception. At the point of dropping my particulars, the receptionist asked me to pay N200 for application form and was promised that the agency will contact me for other roles. It’s been over 2 years and I haven’t heard a word from the agency.

~I got an interview invite via mail indicating that I have been considered for the role of Customer Service Officer with a Telecoms Company. I honoured the interview invite only to be asked to part with N60,000 training fee. They claimed the payment guarantees a job that pays at least N95,000 per month.

~I received a text message- ‘congratulations you have been selected for a job interview’. At the interview venue, I got to know that it was a Marketing company selling Food Supplement and Therapeutic drugs. During the interview, some people came up with testimonies of how selling the drugs had changed their financial status and blah blah blah. At the end of the whole charade, we were all asked to pay N40,000 for training and registration in order to be part of the network. Though I paid N6,000 as part payment with the hope of paying the balance some other day but after much consideration, I never went back.

I have heard of a situation when the candidate claimed to have no money for the part payment, these scammers asked her to use her ATM card to withdraw!

In as much as I’m not against marketing food supplement or therapeutic drugs or training but it is rather deceitful to invite candidates for a ‘supposed’ interview without divulging full details of the role.

Don’t get me wrong, there are legitimate candidate placement companies that candidates can hire to help secure a job at a fraction of the candidate’s first salary. Needless to say, that both parties agreed to this kind of service.

How to avoid falling victim

#1- If you received a random call, text message, email- please demand for details of the role and the recruiting company. Ask how the company got your contact if you don’t remember applying for the role.

Recruitment agencies may not disclose the name of their client during job posting but every candidate shortlisted for interview has the right to know the name of the actual recruiting company before attending the interview.

#2- Do your background check. Research the name of the recruiting company/recruiting agency. You can also search for the company name on If it is a fraudulent company someone would have mentioned it on that platform. But God forbid if it is a new scammer in town.

#3- If the means of communication was through phone call. Ask for the full name of the caller and check on Social Media – Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. The caller should be bold enough to give you his/her full names. Nothing to fear, nothing to hide.

#4- If it is a company, or an email address check to see if it is from the employer’s domain name e.g., HR or Hiring . This may not be effective, there are numerous cases of corporate identity thefts.

#5- If you are asked to part with some money before you get the job. The money can be disguised as; application fee, registration fee, job processing fee, training fee, assessment fee, commitment fee etc. This is most likely, a scam.

#6- Watch out for red flags.

As long as we cannot tag all job vacancies and interview invite as being fraudulent, every job seeker owes himself/herself a duty of doing a thorough background check before attending any job interview….

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